Oligosaccharide The Movie (2017)

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Watch asian erotic movie Oligosaccharide The Movie (2017) synopsis We need something sweeter and more sticky! The truth story about “Oligosaccharide” written by Human Crocodiles. One ‘Geun-hyeok’ and ten ‘Mi-jeongs’ using sexy adult fantasies! One, Geun-hyeok and Mi-jeong switch bodies after they have intercourse. Two, Mi-jeong asks Geun-hyeok for something when she is getting married … Three, Mi-jeong is a call girl who teases Geun-seok. He is actually a murderer. What is she? Four, Tae-sik only drinks black coffee and Mi-jeong likes it. Will they come true? Five, Tae-sik is a loser who uses his wife to rip money from other men. Geun-hyeok loves him.