College Girls Secret Job (2019)

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Watch asian erotic movie College Girls’ Secret Job (2019) synopsis Young and beautiful girls are hot, but are hot and sexy. They will do whatever their customers want. A reporter working on a special report visited a group of female students who had odd jobs. The first girl has the job of ‘sex toys’. Park Seon-mi uses her own sex toy and writes reviews The second girl is a hairdo for “hair-down-there”. Ah-reum sometimes gives sex to ‘hair designers’ too. The third girl’s job is to provide sexual services to people with disabilities. Seol-yeong finds value in the work she does as White Hands, as they call it in Japan. The fourth girl, Eun-bit, is an assistant private tutor, where she lets the lecturer touch her body in front of students to show how a woman’s body responds to different keys. The last and fifth girl is an assistant urologist. He helps ejaculate semen, and he really likes his job.