A Women Of Rumor (2017)

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A Women Of Rumor (2017) sinopsis Scenario writer Sue Hee, who is seemingly noble and nervous,
Oedipus complex and paranoid seizure with paranoia
She is hiding in an isolated place outside of Seoul and devotes herself to her work for raising.
One day, a former junior and actor, Uran, visits.

Uran asked me to take a few days off as he came down.
Shuhei inevitably receives unpleasant prosperity.

Yong Seok is attracted to charming U-Ran and U-Ran is emptied
She stealthily invades the room of Uran and steals her clothes.

Che Yu-ran, knowing that fact, deliberately approached Yong-seok
Avoid the eyes of Su-hee, who are unlikely to be close to Yong-seok and Yu-Ran
Uran and Seung Seok are secretly engaged in an affair.